August 04, 2004

In the Future -- Special Blogiversary* Edition

Let’s see . . .

Cake . . . Check!
Ice Cream . . . Check!
Balloons . . . Check!
Party Hats . . . Check!

Looks like we’re ready. “Happy Blogiversary !!”

ITF #146
In the Future . . .
. . . advances in Visual Interfaces + Audio, Haptic, Olfactory, and Gustatory Sensoria (VIA HOGS) will cause the diet products market to crash.

Blogiversary Cake.jpg
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ITF #147
In the Future . . .
. . . liquid nitrogen will be recognized as an irreplaceable ingredient in all super-premium ice creams.

N2 Ice Cream.jpg

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ITF #148
In the Future . . .
. . . Posse Blogiversary celebrations will be black-tie affairs held in the Forward Grand Ballroom of the Speculist flagship, the N.A. Semper Meliae (an Advanced Technologies Group SkyCat 1000 outfitted as a private luxury passenger airship).

SkyCat 20.jpg

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*Blogiversary / Blogaversary, “Potayto” / “Potahto”. As of August 3, 2004 usage (as measured by Google hits) favors Blog-I-versary by a 7:1 margin.

Posted by Michael S. Sargent at August 4, 2004 12:00 AM | TrackBack

Way to go Phil! Don't forget the party hats!

Posted by: Stephen Gordon at August 4, 2004 07:33 AM

Thanks for putting this together, Sarge!

Stephen, if you'll look close I'll think you'll see that the party hats are present and accounted for... :-)

Posted by: Phil at August 4, 2004 08:41 AM

How fantastic are those giant airships? When we get one for parties, can we keep it hangared at M104HQ in the hollowed out dormant volcano?

Posted by: Rob at August 4, 2004 09:52 AM

Congratulations, Phil!! Way to go! Keep up the good work.


Posted by: Bob at August 4, 2004 12:27 PM

The Speculist is only a year old? What kind of year? One traveled at near the speed of light? I tip my M104 sombrero/halo to you all.

Posted by: Kathy at August 4, 2004 08:52 PM

Congratulations guys!

Posted by: Glenn at August 5, 2004 08:38 AM
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