January 24, 2004


Reader Kathy Hanson writes as follows:

This subject is pertinent to my new project, Apocalypse Garden. I'd like some help from the Posse. I'm at the stage where the characters are writing the story but I'm not convinced that I'm ready to tell it.

My lead characters are telepathic, but only with each other. It kind of leads to a love/hate relationship. Since everyone knows that brain waves don't work like radio waves, the characters want to find out what changed their brains. Could nanotechnology several generations earlier have manipulated their ancestors' genes creating a deliberate mutation that modified their brain waves?

Well, first off, Kathy — welcome to the FastForward Posse. *

I think it would be fun to have a contest to see who can come up with the best reson why Kathy's characters are telepathic. We'll call it the Help Kathy Figure Out Why Her Characters Are Telepathic contest. (I studied English as an undergrad; that's why I'm so good at naming things.)

Please provide your theories as to how the characters became telepathic in the Comments section. All Posse members are requested to propose at least one theory. Everyone else is welcome to submit theories, too. (Of course, anyone who does so runs the risk of being drafted into the Posse.)

The winner will be selected by Kathy Hanson, and will receive the honor of knowing that her or his theory is the one that made it into Kathy's story. Also, there will be a grand prize of $1 million if I can get anyone to donate it.

So what are you waiting for? Let's see those crackpo — um, I mean creative explanations!

* It's in the by-laws, Section 16, Paragraph 9, Item 3:

"Any non-Posse member who calls upon the Posse for help with a creative project which is, in the view of The Speculist, El Jefe Grande, any of the Posse Ringleaders, or any of the Posse Regulars sufficiently interesting to warrant the attention of the FastForward Posse in toto is declared, by virtue of presenting an item of sufficient interest, ipso facto a Regular member of the Posse in full standing.

Sorry, those are the rules. I don't make them.

(Oh, wait. Yes, I do. I'm always getting mixed up on that point.)

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December 31, 2003

Lileks on the New Year

And on the future, which of course is what the New Year is all about. Eloquent as always...

History has its own peculiar momentum; clouds may be gathering now that wont break until 05 or beyond. Or everything could change in a day. If we know anything now, its that any date can be burned into our memories forevermore 9/11, 2/07, 5/25, 12/31. But we set this aside tonight. We greet the new year as though we're guaranteed its full measure. Of course we're not - and that's all the more reason to put on silly hats and pound hooch and welcome the new year with whoops and cheers and hope. Why not?

And to freely borrow—or plagiarize, if we must use ugly terms—a very happy interstitial alcoholic sherbet to each and every one of you.

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December 11, 2003

Roll Your Own

If you like doodling spirals as much as I do, you should enjoy this spirograph java applet (via GeekPress).

Created by Anu Garg.


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