July 28, 2004

Still Number One!

For the past 10 months, Stillness has been the blogosphere's number one serialized novel of mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Here's what some of the readers are saying:

Ooh, I got a little shiver...

A week is too long to have to wait!

Terribly engaging story. Congrats.

I've never had all that much patience for serial stories (as they were being released, anyway). But I look forward to each new chapter of Stillness.

Reminds me...of John LeCarre.

More? Please?

Holy smokes, it's John D. MacDonald, Stephen King, and Douglas Adams rolled into one!

Awesome. Just awesome. You rock, Phil.

No, you rock, readers. Thanks for making Stillness number one. And for those of you who haven't yet joined the party, here's your big chance...


by Philip Bowermaster

Part I

Chapter 1, in which Reuben sees lights.

Chapter 2, in which Sergei gives advice.

Chapter 3, in which Ksenia looks at cars.

Chapter 4, in which Reuben falls.

Chapter 5, in which Reuben contends.

Chapter 6, in which Reuben recovers.

Chapter 7, in which Sergei explains some things.

Chapter 8, in which Betty explains the rest.

Chapter 9, in which Father Alexy saves the day.

Chapter 10, in which the old man speaks.

Chapter 11, in which Reuben obliges.

Part II

Chapter 12, in which Emmett goes to work.

Chapter 13, in which Frank has some news.

Chapter 14, in which Peggy opens a box.

Chapter 15, in which Emmett becomes confused.

Chapter 16, in which Rick spells things out.

Chapter 17, in which two strangers arrive.

Part III

Chapter 18, in which Celia meets Corey.

Chapter 19, in which Grace wins a game.

Chapter 20, in which Celia remembers.

Chapter 21, in which Corey wishes.

Chapter 22, in which Todd hugs back.

Chapter 23, in which an argument is settled.

Chapter 24, in which Estelle calls for help.

Chapter 25, in which Grace gets an idea.

Chapter 26, in which Corey awakens.

Part IV

Chapter 27, in which Reuben goes forth.

Chapter 28, in which Reuben gets lost.

Chapter 29, in which Hamilton lends his coat.

Chapter 30, in which Reuben plays a new game.

Chapter 31, in which Markku takes a turn.

Chapter 32, in which Sergei has some questions.

Chapter 33, in which Reuben reconsiders his past.

Chapter 34, in which Iskandar deals some cards.

Chapter 35, in which magic is discussed.

Chapter 36, in which Daphne sets terms.

Chapter 37, in which Altheus issues a warning.

Chapter 38, in which Reuben reads the stones.

Chapter 39, in which Reuben has three telephone conversations.

Chapter 40, in which Reuben and Daphne take a stroll.

Chapter 41, in which Reuben and Daphne have a drink.

Chapter 42, in which Michel blows smoke.

Chapter 43, in which Reuben discusses chess.

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