December 01, 2003

About Stillness

YET ANOTHER UPDATE (I thought I would put one up top rather than at the bottom for once.) Stillness, and all of the content published on the Speculist, is now subject to a creative commons license. Feel free to copy and distribute Stillness, or write a new chapter, or whatever, all subject to the stipulations outlined on the deed.

Stillness is a novel, a work of speculative fiction. It attempts to be many things: a thriller, a love story, a metaphysical meditation, a farce, all set against the backdrop of what I believe is an original way of ending the world.We'll see.

If it's been done before, I'm sure some of you will let me know.

I started publishing Stillness the same week I launched The Speculist. I'm publishing the novel in serial form, running a new chapter every week. So far I've received some very encouraging feedback. Thank you to those who have sent e-mails or written comments, especially Virginia Warren, who has been helping me out with a few typographical irregularities and Alex Alemi, who lets me know when a chapter hasn't been published on time.

My original plan was to publish 75% of the novel over the next few months. Then I would revise what I had published here and go out and land a lucrative contract for the entire book. I would leverage myself into old media (book publishing) via new media (the blog). But I've been thinking about it, and that idea stinks.

No, not because I have a problem "managing expectations." What does that term mean, anyway?

It stinks because it's only right that I share the entire novel with you, good readers. Many of you have been following fathfully along, and I think even more of you would give the book a try if you knew you were getting the whole thing. So it's decided. I'm publishing the whole novel online.

I was afraid before that I might cut into the book's commercial viability by publishing it here. But I see now that that's a mistake. If people enjoy reading the book online, the published version can serve as a "director's cut" that extends the story.

Plus, who knows? Maybe there will be sequels.

UPDATE: Rather than running a new one of these entries every week, I've decided to start using this one over and over. So feel free to comment, if you wish.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Per the comments, below, Stillness is going to be published under a Creative Commons License. More details to come.


by Philip Bowermaster

Part I

Chapter 1, in which Reuben sees lights.

Chapter 2, in which Sergei gives advice.

Chapter 3, in which Ksenia looks at cars.

Chapter 4, in which Reuben falls.

Chapter 5, in which Reuben contends.

Chapter 6, in which Reuben recovers.

Chapter 7, in which Sergei explains some things.

Chapter 8, in which Betty explains the rest.

Chapter 9, in which Father Alexy saves the day.

Chapter 10, in which the old man speaks.

Chapter 11, in which Reuben obliges.

Part II

Chapter 12, in which Emmett goes to work.

Chapter 13, in which Frank has some news.

Chapter 14, in which Peggy opens a box.

Chapter 15, in which Emmett becomes confused.

Chapter 16, in which Rick spells things out.

Chapter 17, in which two strangers arrive.

Part III

Chapter 18, in which Celia meets Corey.

Chapter 19, in which Grace wins a game.

Chapter 20, in which Celia remembers.

Chapter 21, in which Corey wishes.

Chapter 22, in which Todd hugs back.

Chapter 23, in which an argument is settled.

Chapter 24, in which Estelle calls for help.

Chapter 25, in which Grace gets an idea.

Chapter 26, in which Corey awakens.

Part IV

Chapter 27, in which Reuben goes forth.

Chapter 28, in which Reuben gets lost.

Chapter 29, in which Hamilton lends his coat.

Chapter 30, in which Reuben plays a new game.

Chapter 31, in which Markku takes a turn.

Chapter 32, in which Sergei has some questions.

Chapter 33, in which Reuben reconsiders his past.

Chapter 34, in which Iskandar deals some cards.

Chapter 35, in which magic is discussed.

Chapter 36, in which Daphne sets terms.

Chapter 37, in which Altheus issues a warning. Posted by Phil at December 1, 2003 06:40 AM | TrackBack


Bravo Phil!
(Wish I'd thought of some of those reasons the other night.)

Looking forward to all of the incarnations.

Posted by: Mike Sargent at November 6, 2003 11:19 AM

Oh, excellent idea. Very good to hear you will be sharing it all. Very enthralling story, I'm still following faithfully along.

Keep up the good work. Keep us coming.

Posted by: Alex Alemi at March 28, 2004 01:16 PM

Why don't you just go the Cory Doctorow/Lawrence Lessig Creative Commons license route?

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at March 28, 2004 02:42 PM

You beat me to it, Mr. Shropshire, I was about to ask the same thing.

Posted by: Virginia at March 29, 2004 10:33 AM

Uh, Phil? Where's chapter 32? It seems like you used to post the new chapter on Wednesdays, though I see that Ch 31 was posted on a Saturday. Does that mean Ch 32 won't be posted until Saturday?

Posted by: Virginia at April 1, 2004 09:20 AM


Unfortunately, my job has been seriously interfering with my blogging of late. Some parts of Stillness are quite old, others occur to me a few hours before posting a chapter. The problem with new stuff is that I have to be sure that it doesn't contradict anything I've already published. And the problem with old stuff is that I can't put it up until I've made sure that it doesn't have anything in it at odds with previous chapters that I changed before putting them up.

For example, in Chapter 32 there is a conversation between Sergei and Reuben that has to be completely different from what I originally wrote. Why? Because of where it takes place. The Markku/Hamilton/Ksenia adventure used to come later. But now that it's where it is in the story, everything else that happens has to make sense in light of that.

Maybe I'm trying too hard to make life easy for you. Maybe I should put everything up as is and let you sort out all the problems. :-)

Anyway, I'll get the new chapter up as soon as possible. My goal for the past three weeks has been to get back on the regular Wednesday schedule. I don't have any business trips planned next week. We'll see.

And by the way...thanks for noticing!

Posted by: Phil at April 1, 2004 07:35 PM

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