September 30, 2003

Seven Questions w/the Posse II

This time it's Posse ringleader Suraya taking her shot at the big seven.

  1. The present is the future relative to the past. Whatís the best thing about living here in the future?
  2. Medical and communication advancement. I think the best things about living in todayís world is that we have the ability and opportunity to heal and touch peopleís lives in ways we didnít have before.

  3. Whatís the biggest disappointment?
  4. That we donít make full use of the opportunities we have to do the above. Instead, the further advanced we get and the more opportunities we have, the less inclined we seem to use those opportunities in a positive way. Also, Iím disappointed at how little progress weíve made towards religious maturity and individual consciousness. I think the biggest disappointment in todayís society is how much we seek to destroy, curtail and control rather than educate, include and heal.

  5. Assuming you die at the age of 100, what will be the biggest difference between the world you were born into and the world you leave?
  6. Hopefully, it will be that we learn from our mistakes and be more tolerant and respectful of each other, although I doubt it. In fact, I think the world will be more divisive than it is today. I also think there will be a significant rise in monitoring, regulation and control mechanisms of people, goods and services for the purposes of commercial gain. We see this already happening now, although itís passed off as "security" measures.

  7. What future development that you consider most likely (or inevitable) do you look forward to with the most anticipation?
  8. Increased efficiency and reduced cost in world travel.

  9. What future development that you consider likely (or inevitable) do you dread the most?
  10. As we learn more about each other, there is more hatred and destruction in the name of religious and economic superiority. A more divisive world based on senseless religious and economic goals.

  11. Assuming you have the ability to determine (or at least influence) the future, what future development that you consider unlikely (or are uncertain about) would you most like to help bring about?
  12. Greater tolerance and respect for one anotherís differences, space and beliefs.

    Healthcare reform Ė greater access and lower cost of REAL healthcare benefits to those in the greatest need.

    Energy reform Ė less dependence of petroleum as the main source of energy and a viable low-cost alternative that is accessible to all. Increased competition in the energy market.

  13. Why is that in the year 2003 I still donít have a flying car? When do you think Iíll be able to get one?

HmmmÖ.not really seeing the benefit in a flying car - if everyone else gets one, traffic will still be the same Ė just air bone. If only YOU have one, people will be trying to kill you to get it.

My "flying car" would be a less "me first " attitude for the world. Not easy since not too many people seem to practice this. I think its achievable though, if we start small Ė with our partners, families, communities before trying to achieve it on a global scale.


What's the deal with these Seven Questions?

Posted by Phil at September 30, 2003 06:53 AM | TrackBack

Wise, balanced, optimistic, inner-directed and achievable. Well done! (Sometimes the Posse, ESPECIALLY yours truly, takes the "bigger hammer" approach to problem solving.)


Posted by: Mike Sargent at September 30, 2003 10:09 AM

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