August 22, 2003

Red Planet Madness

Next Wednesday is an important day in the history not just of the Speculist, but of planet Earth. On Wednesday, the Earth will be closer to the planet Mars than it has been for almost 60,000 years.


To celebrate, I've declared that next week will be Red Planet Madness at the Speculist. Everything we do will have a Mars or space theme.

This would be a great time to think about joining the FastForward Posse. To apply for membership, all you have to do is send us something to use in next week's FastForward column. If we use it, you're in!

Here's what we we're looking for:

  • Links to interesting Mars-related websites, news stories, products, pictures
  • .

  • One-liner tips about how to make the best of Red Planet Madness, etc.

  • Write a mini-essay (50 words or less) on Mars, space, rockets, that kind of thing.

  • Any and everything else you'd like to do. Surprise me!

Send your submissions to me before noon, Mountain time on Tuesday.

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