March 03, 2004

Harvard Generates 17 New Stem Cell Lines

The new lines appear to offer a number of advantages over the 15 or so lines currently available to federally funded scientists under Bush's policy, and the research community already is abuzz about the opportunities these new cells present for the field of regenerative medicine.
The sad thing is that this will probably not be much of a campaign issue. The American people need to be told why this is so important. And it can't be done in sound bites.

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I comment a bit on this over at Fight Aging:

I'm leaning towards instigating some sort of positive endorsement for Doug Melton - he's really gone out and done an amazing thing for the advancement of science, and deserves a degree of enshrinement for it. At least a bunch of e-mail telling him how much we like what he's done. I'll put together a Longevity Meme action item...

...I like being positive far more than I like being negative.

Posted by: Reason at March 3, 2004 06:40 PM
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