September 25, 2003

Who's Minding the Freezer?

Rand Simberg has an excellent in-depth report on a move in Arizona to impose regulations on cryonics facilities. Quoth Rand:

Mr. Thomas is the head of the state Funeral Directors' board. He doesn't explain why funeral directors are competent to regulate a medical procedure, but he does describe why he wants to take control:

Mr. Thomas put aside the belief among Alcor supporters that medical scientists someday might be able to revive bodies that have been frozen for years.

“There’s no difference between cryonics and cremation,” he said. “You’re gone forever.” —

The notion that this industry would be regulated by someone who fundamentally disbelieves its premises is, as I said, frightening.

Frightening indeed. As I was just saying, I expect there will soon be a sharp increase in interest in cryonics. But the debate won't get very far if the public is kept (or willfully remains) as ignorant on this subject as they are on, say, cloning.

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